Kombucha Starter Kit

$ 39.99

Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea that’s jam packed with probiotics & antioxidants. It’s been enjoyed for centuries for its numerous health benefits. Make a gallon of this sweet & tangy tea at home with this easy starter kit.

Every glass of kombucha is packed with probiotics and enzymes that help maintain a healthy, happy tummy. One kit brews a lifetime of kombucha. Seriously! The SCOBY included with each kit will ferment infinite batches of booch.

Kit includes instructions, equipment, and ingredients to get your first batch started!

SCOBY not included: After purchase, there is a code in your kit that allows you to have a SCOBY shipped directly to you (ideal for freshness!) from the manufacturer.

Made the first batch and need more tea? We highly recommend our friends at Tea Maineia!

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